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Official Merch by D'Aydrian Harding


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"I bought one of the Stay Sober hoodies after me and D'Aydrian went on tour together and maaaaan... It's been helping me take my rap game to the next level! Great Merch dawg! Lets GOOOO!"

- DaBaby

"This shirt is perfect for us! We have been acting the same since 1999 and we never grew up! That's why we like the "I Refuse To Grow Up" Clothing! I even ate my shirt when it came in the mail!"

- Spongebob & Patrick

"I recently broke the record of most points in NBA History! People call me "weird" or "a freak of nature" but really I just tell them... Boshkalay Bong Bong! These Shirts & Hoodies are the hottest thing out!"

- LeBron James